Glossary: Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Why companies need vulnerability assessments Vulnerability discoveries are at an all-time high, while many more have not yet been exposed. Security scanning software is a great start, but it's not enough. Web applications are becoming more complex and the threats are becoming more sophisticated. Scanning software solutions are not very cost-efficient and only look for vulnerabilities that have already been documented. They are not capable of defending against new issues and need to be constantly updated in order to keep up with the latest threats. Accuracy can be a problem as well. False-positives can send developers searching through long lists of code looking for malicious LOCs or other hidden threats, when in actuality the code is legit and clean. This can be very time-consuming, inefficient and costly. Integrating the scanning software with enterprise web applications, third-party code and other software can sometimes be a difficult task as well. Instead of dealing with all of this complexity and hassle, many small businesses and large enterprises have turned to Checkmarx for a better vulnerability assessment solution. Vulnerability assessment services by Checkmarx The highly-knowledgeable and fully-trained experts at Checkmarx have years of experience developing methods to make the process of creating secure applications as simple as possible. The Checkmarx vulnerability services are completely automated, so the process is simple—no frustrating installation or integration struggles, no costly training for company employees and developers, no maintenance costs and no costs to keep it updated. Cloud-based vulnerability assessments by Checkmarx provide quick, secure scanning and fast results. Since the service is always available, vulnerability scanning can be performed in accordance with the company schedule. If the test needs to be postponed, it's no problem. It can be performed as-needed, whenever the company is completely ready to assess the product. How to attain complete software security and the fastest vulnerability elimination Checkmarx is a step above typical vulnerability assessment products, as most of these solutions must be installed locally on company servers, must integrate well with other company software and hardware, and need to be constantly updated and maintained. Checkmarx offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) scanning services that are comprised of static and dynamic code analysis and Pen Tests (penetration testing). This provides companies with the most complete vulnerability assessment available on the market today. The superior vulnerability assessment service provided by Checkmarx scans 100 percent of the code. In many cases, developers are prohibited from accessing source code for third-party applications, but the Checkmarx vulnerability assessment scans every snippet of code. The Checkmarx vulnerability assessment is the most complete and accurate one a company can find.
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