5 ‘Mr. Robot’ Hacks That Could Happen in Real Life

Hollywood hacking films have given the job of hacker a sort of glamour, with their fast-fingered hacks taking over the world, while in picture perfect makeup. And the InfoSec community has hated every single second of them.  But where other movies and shows  (We’re looking at you, CSI:Cyber) take the hacking scenes way too liberally with no root in reality, one show has held up as a beacon of hope for how hacking can be realistically portrayed on the silver screen: Mr. Robot.

Although real-life security issues — hackers finding XSS and blind SQLi vulnerabilities — surrounded the premier season last year, the show itself actively works to mimic real-life security and hacking scenarios. From accurate computer code, to the realism of using social engineering in getting the information needed for an attack, to the actual tools and slang the characters use, Mr. Robot has been mostly spot-on with the security stuff — and the InfoSec community has sounded its approval. Continue reading this article on DarkReading
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