Checkmarx Announces AppSec Coach

Checkmarx announced availability of a new secure coding eLearning platform, called AppSec Coach, providing Checkmarx customers the ability to address one of the greatest challenges in the software industry when it comes to application security: finding an effective way to provide developers knowledge and skills to write secure code. The new capability is a significant addition to the Checkmarx application security testing portfolio, which helps to sharpen the skills developers need to fix vulnerabilities and write secure code. This new add-on provides in-context, bite-sized secure coding training modules, available when and where the developer needs to fix the code. AppSec Coach, integrated within Checkmarx CxSAST source code analysis solutions, is the first of its kind for developer security education and the new offering strengthens the Checkmarx commitment to developer enablement.     Read the original release on Devops Digest
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