How To Future-Proof Security For Your Next App Development Project

IT managers must be exhausted. After all, they are well aware of the difficulty in hiring and managing employees to create secure applications, while also focusing on feature design, implementation and testing. These are mammoth tasks that can easily drive costs as well as deter the focus of developers primarily tasked with writing code. With hundreds of rigorous security regulations set by various countries worldwide, it has become increasingly necessary to find comprehensive solutions to security source code problems. Thankfully, some of these service providers offer user-friendly browser plugins and simple ‘attach code and wait’ frameworks that reveal security threats upon a quick scan of the application’s source code. Checkmarx is an example of a leading company that has developed precise tools for testing and analyzing code (while supporting a variety of programming languages) to identify invasive security issues. These and similar technologies essentially allow IT managers to reduce both the costs associated with maintaining security professionals as well as those potentially resulting from a failure to adequately address those threats. With these and other fast-growing providers helping clients future-proof app development security, coders can reduce or eliminate time spent on handling security checking and concentrate their efforts on writing great code. Read the original article on the SAP Business Innovation Blog.

About the Author

About the Author

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