Leading global bank implements Checkmarx Source Code Analysis to strengthen security

Checkmarx has announced that a leading American international banking and financial services holding company is implementing the Checkmarx solution to further strengthen its security posture and deliver secure applications to its customers. This means that four of the largest American banks have adopted Checkmarx to enhance their application security. By working with Checkmarx, the financial institution is prioritizing the security of its assets and customers’ financial and personal data, while also advancing its static code coverage by integrating application security testing and remediation. Following an extensive search and testing period of various solutions, the company concluded that only Checkmarx’s unique and extensive coverage of programming languages met its requirements. The company based its decision on the strength of Checkmarx’s features, such as the incremental scan, the seamless integration with DevOps toolchain, and the flexibility and accuracy delivered through customizable code analysis queries. Read more here
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