Leakedsource.com finds 45M leaked VerticalScope user records

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June 15, 2016

The outdoor and sports-centric website aggregator VerticalScope was hacked according to an industry watchdog with about 45 million records from more than 1,100 websites being taken and posted to the internet.
The compromised data was found by Leakedsource in February 2016 with the records discovered containing information such as email address, username, IP address and one or two passwords. Leakedsource.com is a search engine that scours a number of online sources looking for stolen or leaked records.

Giving website visitors more information regarding exactly what level of security is being used to protect their information was suggested by Amit Ashbel, cyber security evangelist at Checkmarx.
“Following the basic OWASP top 10 guidelines would have prevented a lot of headaches for both users and VerticalScope by making sure that the stolen data has much less value.Maybe its time that websites are forced to indicate what security standards they follow to protect their user’s data,” he said. 
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