Millions of Twitter Credentials Up for Sale for Less Than a Cent Each

A hacker, who has links to the recent MySpace, LinkedIn and Tumblr data breaches, is claiming another trophy: Millions upon millions of Twitter accounts. The Russian hacker, going by the handle Tessa88, is selling a cache of 32 million records for 10 Bitcoin on the Dark Web. It’s another example of how little account credentials are going for these days: 10 Bitcoin is the equivalent of around $5,820, which works out to less than a cent each. Amit Ashbel, director of product marketing and cybersecurity evangelist at Checkmarx, told us that the fact that this is a new leak of an old steal isn’t surprising. “I would start by stressing that this is regular practice by criminals,” he said. “Once they manage a large hack they will always save something for a rainy day. The fact that these are now being sold online indicates to me more than anything else that the hacker needs cash and now is the time to pop out that old stash and sell to the highest bidder.” Read the original article at InfoSecurity Magazine
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