Why websites are so vulnerable to hackers

Hackers just can’t get enough of hacking websites. Malicious actors break into them to upload infected copies of operating systems or distribute malware. Fraudsters use website vulnerabilities to steal sensitive credentials and financial info. The feds take them over to track down child porn consumers. Hacktivists take them down to fight controversial bathroom bills. And a lot more. “Industries that have adopted and increased web applications usage for their business in the past year are seeing the impact on the attack patterns,” says Amit Ashbel, director of product marketing at Checkmarx, a cybersecurity startup that offers application security solutions. “Financial and transportation verticals are the top targets when it comes to web Application attack vectors. Both these industries have ramped up their web and mobile application services in the past years creating a very fertile attack surface.” “The sheer fact that web applications are available for everyone to use drives attackers to design their attacks based on the weak points of the web application,” Ashbel explains. Continue reading this article on The Daily Dot

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About the Author

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