CxOne Cloud License Types and Restrictions

Checkmarx One License Types and Restrictions

Version: 2024.02

Last Updated – February 19, 2024

  1. Contributing Developer” means any individual who has made one or more commits to a private Repository scanned by the Software in the last ninety (90) days.
  2. Repository” means a set of version-controlled project files which is used to build a particular named software module or application.
  3. “Concurrent Scan” means the number of scans that can be executed using the Software in parallel at any point in time.

Additional Rights and Restrictions:

  1. A license purchased under a Start for SAST package shall entitle a Customer to 1 Concurrent Scan for every 20 Contributing Developer licenses purchased. For all other Checkmarx One packages, a Customer shall receive 1 Concurrent Scan to every 1 Contributing Developer license purchased.
  2. A Contributing Developer will not be counted more than once if the Contributing Developer has contributed to a Repository using multiple integrations or contributed to multiple Repositories.
  3. Each individual Contributing Developer is counted by the Contributing Developer’s unique email address in the email field which is set within the local git configuration on the Contributing Developer’s machine.

For Version 2022.08, click here.

For Version 2022.07, click here.

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