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CxSCA allows your developers to build software with confidence using a mix of custom and open source code. You need to know the libraries they’re using are secure. CxSCA is the software composition analysis tool designed to do exactly that, backed by an expert research team uncovering the latest open source risks.

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Open the open source hood

Know Your Software Supply Chain

Discover the open source code you’re using to build a searchable software bill of materials (SBOM) and be prepared for future security disclosures and hassle-free audits.

In a world where where applications are becoming even more decentralized, knowing when a developer is using an insecure, or deliberately compromised open source package can be a Herculean task.

CxSCA solves this challenge by automatically scanning your codebase to build an SBOM that identifies which third-party code you’re using and where it exists within your custom application.

You’ll know what your software supply chain looks like, and you’ll be prepared in case you need to remediate a vulnerability within an application caused by an open source flaw. Likewise, you can prepare audit reports that detail where your code comes from and demonstrate the measures you’ve taken to ensure the security of third-party dependencies.

Right Away Remediation

Uncover Compromised Dependencies

Scan code for vulnerable or malicious libraries. Use guidance from our expert research team to remediate the most critical issues first.

When an open source library, module, or other dependency that you integrate into your application has a known vulnerability, or has been deliberately compromised, you need to find and fix it  immediately.

You could try to manage this risk by manually poring over vulnerability databases and matching alerts with dependencies you use … or you could automate the process with CxSCA, which scans your codebase for you, searching for open source components, and then alerting you if they are subject to vulnerabilities.

What’s more, CxSCA also provides information about exploitable paths for each vulnerability, which tells you if you’re truly at risk. With this context, you can accurately assess the risk metrics of the vulnerability and identify the most efficient plan for mitigating it. If a fix is not yet available from the upstream open source project, for example, you can block the data inputs that attackers need to exploit the vulnerability, effectively mitigating it until the underlying flaw is resolved.

License and registration, please

Manage Open Source License Risks

Know which open source licenses you’ve accepted. Highlight any intellectual property risks to your business.


There’s a widespread myth that all open source code can be freely reused in any way, with few hard-and-fast rules that developers need to follow when using that code.

The reality is much more complicated. Some open source licenses require the attribution of the original developers. Others require that derivative applications also be released under open source licenses. Still others could allow a library’s original developers to require payments for the use of their code. After all, despite popular belief, open source isn’t necessarily free, and alleged licensing violations can make businesses the target of major lawsuits.

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Security Scans Run Security Scans in the Tools You Use All Day CxSCA works with your CI tools to integrate SCA scans into your software build pipelines. READ THE EBOOK Superior Research Find the Signal in the Noise​ Checkmarx SCA combines advanced technology and a dedicated open source research team to produce fewer but more relevant results. SEE THE LASTEST VULNERABILITIES Exploitable Path Path of Least Exploits Checkmarx SCA combines advanced technology and a dedicated open source research team to produce fewer but more relevant results. READ THE ARTICLE

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