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Checkmarx Announces Exclusive Partnership with TOYO Corporation

TEL AVIV–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Checkmarx, a global leader in software application security, today announced it has entered into an exclusive agency partnership with TOYO, leader of the world’s most advanced measurement instruments and systems, to offer Checkmarx’ flagship Static Application Security Testing tool “Checkmarx CxSAST” to TOYO customers as a security solution at the source code level. With Checkmarx CxSAST, TOYO will enable its customers to develop and implement secure code more effectively and mitigate security risks prevalent within IoT connected environments.

Checkmarx CxSAST, which specializes in detecting vulnerabilities in source codes and making it visible for developing secure applications, will be a critical component to software development sites around the world that rely on TOYO’s services across the entire system development process from modules to complex large-scale products.

“Since Checkmarx’ founding in 2006, our commitment is to enable organizations to detect and remediate security vulnerabilities within their software application. TOYO’s renowned services and measurement technology ties perfectly into our application security solutions, further extending our capabilities across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC),” said Emmanuel Benzaquen, CEO of Checkmarx. “Together, our combined strength and experience will enable our customers to better measure the security posture of their application code. We’re absolutely thrilled for this new partnership with TOYO, and together we will support businesses and developers building and deploying secure software.”

TOYO has considerable experience marketing support and software development tools for companies focused on developing embedded systems for enterprises. With the growth in IoT and FinTech, customers are now demanding new solutions for security and system vulnerabilities. TOYO will expand and reinforce its business by providing new services for these two key areas.

“With IoT and FinTech expanding, “Secure Coding,” the practice of developing software programs eliminating security vulnerabilities, has been gaining greater importance, along with the guarantee of software and application quality.

Checkmarx’ globally esteemed security static analysis tool “CxSAST” combined with our accumulated static analysis know-how for source code quality improvement will allow us to offer solutions for developing more secure, safer software and applications of higher quality.

We guarantee our customers in Japan that we will provide greater solutions and services through our strategic and firm partnership with Checkmarx,” said Mitsuru Onodera, Senior VP TOYO Corporation.

About Checkmarx

Checkmarx is a leading developer of software solutions used to identify, fix and block security vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications. It provides an easy and effective way for organizations to introduce security into their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) which systematically eliminates software risk before applications are released. The company’s customers include 5 of the world’s top 10 software vendors and many Fortune 500 and government organizations. For more information about Checkmarx, visit or follow us on Twitter: @Checkmarx.

About TOYO

TOYO Corporation has been mainly providing state-of-the-art “measurement tools” importing from western vendors for Japanese researchers and developers, as its mission to contribute to the advancement of Japanese technologies with a keyword “Technology and Information” since the time of its founding in 1953. Technical abilities of our engineers accounting for 70% of all employees that are over 530 people back up the efforts, for instance, providing repair/calibration works, technical supports, in-house development at “TOYO Technical Center,” and holding all kinds of seminars for customers in “Technology Interface Center.”

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About the Author

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