Industry-First Checkmarx and Wiz Integration Accelerates Ability of Enterprise Security Teams to Swiftly Correlate, Prioritize and Remediate Significant Risks to Cloud Security 

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July 3, 2024

Groundbreaking bi-directional integration of SAST insights with Wiz Cloud Security Platform provides essential context and actionable insights for cloud, security and development teams  


PARAMUS, N.J. – JULY 3, 2024 – Checkmarx, the industry leader in cloud-native application security for enterprises, and Wiz, a forefront provider of cloud security solutions, is pleased to announce an extended partnership to further enrich the Wiz platform. This enhancement marks the first-ever integration providing static application security testing (SAST) results to a cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) vendor, setting a new industry standard for application security and cloud protection.


This new integration builds on the early results of the partnership, which enriched application security findings with cloud insights on network exposure to prioritize remediation and fine-tune risk scores. Checkmarx is the first AppSec vendor to enrich the Wiz platform with SAST scan results at the repository level, with additional plans to extend to other security engines in the future. This supports a comprehensive security strategy from code to cloud and back.


“We truly believe that code to cloud is a reality and not just a vision,” said Ori Bendet, VP of Product Management at Checkmarx. “By utilizing a bi-directional integration, we close the gaps on both sides, providing the missing context for application security and development teams as well as the missing actionability for cloud and operations teams. This will revolutionize how teams approach both application and cloud security.” 


The integration of Checkmarx SAST, part of Checkmarx One, with the Wiz platform builds upon Wiz’ “Shift Left, Shield Right” strategy, bringing application security insights directly into cloud security operations. This enables a more coherent and actionable security posture across organizations’ entire software lifecycle. Adding SAST data enables mutual customers to correlate Checkmarx’ application security findings with Wiz’s cloud security findings to understand and prioritize the issues that pose the most significant risk to critical assets such as sensitive data, thereby enhancing overall cloud security posture.


“This partnership exemplifies our commitment to equipping developers and security teams with comprehensive solutions to streamline vulnerability detection and mitigation from code to cloud,” commented Oron Noah, Head of Product Extensibility and Partnerships at Wiz. “Together with Checkmarx, we’re helping organizations safeguard their cloud infrastructure and applications with a unified and prioritized view into the cloud vulnerabilities that have the largest impact on their business.”


The enriched integration represents a forward-thinking approach to application security, anticipating the needs of modern enterprises to secure their dynamic cloud and software assets. 

To learn more about the expanded Checkmarx integration with Wiz, attend the “Bringing Cloud Insights to Application Security” webinar on July 24 and visit this page.  


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