Checkmarx and AWS

Checkmarx for Amazon Web Services

Better Together: Checkmarx and AWS work together to improve the security of your applications in the cloud.

Checkmarx Integrates with the
AWS Software Development Toolchain

Checkmarx provides integrated support for the AWS CodeStar services, allowing you to initiate Checkmarx Application Security Testing scans from CodeBuild and CodePipeline for code that is stored in CodeCommit.

By leveraging Checkmarx Application Security Testing solutions for AWS, organizations are able to perform static code and open source analysis within the secure confines of their dedicated AWS software development environments.

Security Testing Solutions

Checkmarx’s Portfolio of Application Security Testing Solutions can be purchased through Amazon Marketplace Public and Private Offers.

Other Checkmarx Offerings
Powered by AWS

Checkmarx Private Hosting Services

Reduce the burden on your internal teams and increase the security and reliability of your AppSec solutions by hosting our AST technology on secure, dedicated, single-tenant servers in the Amazon Cloud ecosystem.

Checkmarx AppSec Accelerator

Managed software security testing lets you offload your software security program onto our experts, allowing you to scale effectively and quickly.

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