Checkmarx and Gitlab

Commit to Security with Checkmarx

Checkmarx SAST™ and Checkmarx SCA™ directly integrate with GitLab, providing both open source and custom code application security throughout the entire GitLab CI/CD pipeline. Driven by our orchestration and automation module, GitLab users can streamline development and security workflows by eliminating time-consuming manual scans as well as finding and fixing vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC and dev pipeline. The Checkmarx–GitLab integration allows development, security, operations, QA, and product teams to work concurrently in all stages of the DevOps process. Just configure the Checkmarx integration, and then automatically scan, review orchestrated results, and remediate bugs, all in the GitLab UI.

GitLab Reads and Resources

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Integrating Checkmarx Security Results within GitLab

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More Integrations to Bring Security into your DevOps

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