AppSec Accelerator

AppSec Accelerator

No one knows our technology better than we do. Our AppSec Accelerator™ managed service lets you offload your software AppSec program so you can scale quickly and effectively while staying secure.

AppSec Accelerator Turnkey Service

Our security experts work with you to build your AppSec program, so you’ll know your applications are secure. From configuration and integration to threat modeling, change management, and scanning optimization, we’ll ensure your developers can remediate the most critical vulnerabilities as early as possible. More than 200 enterprises rely on our team to help them secure their code in the most timely and cost-effective way.

Application Optimization and Triage

If you’ve already established your AppSec program and just need some guidance, our AppSec engineers will plug into your team to perform application threat modelling, optimization, and triage that will help you achieve more, faster. Whether you need to secure 10,000 lines of code or 10 million, our AppSec engineers will expedite your path to optimal results.

Flexible Deployment Options

In public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises environments, both our turnkey and application optimization services are here to help you get where you’re going on your AppSec journey.

Private Hosting

Organizations worldwide trust our certified experts and private hosting services to manage and maintain the infrastructure and environments that power their Checkmarx solutions. We’ll reduce the burden on your internal technical teams and increase the security and reliability of your AppSec solutions by hosting our industry-leading technologies on secure, dedicated, single-tenant servers on AWS.
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