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Optimize your runtime testing with CxIAST, the solution specifically built for DevOps and your QA automation or CI/CD pipelines. CxIAST fits directly into your Test/QA phase, automating analysis through your existing functional testing processes. 

Find Your Most Elusive Flaws

Discover the runtime vulnerabilities in your applications that other solutions just can’t find.

Tomorrow's Runtime Testing, Today

Optimized Testing at Scale

Modern development needs automated vulnerability detection and real-time developer feedback across environments. Get custom query tuning to optimize your results for more effective runtime testing without those DAST-ardly delays.

Fast, Simple Test Execution

IAST is an approach to security testing that deploys agents inside a running application to discover vulnerabilities that would not be evident simply from black-box DAST or a SAST strategy based on source code analysis. With an IAST solution like CxIAST, you can run interactive security tests during QA/staging using the functional testing routines that you already have in place.

This means that IAST doesn’t become another SDLC stage that you have to manage separately. Nor does it require your team to deploy a totally new toolset or write an additional library of tests. Instead, CxIAST fits neatly within the Agile or CI/CD processes that you already have in place. It doesn’t slow down your delivery cycle or add more complexity to your pipeline. And it doesn’t leave developers in conflict with security engineers over how much time they can afford to spend on security tests. It keeps everyone happy by baking interactive security testing seamlessly into QA and staging.

Findin' Flaws, Flexibly

Continuous Analysis from Source to Ship

With flexible deployment, zero scan time, and simple customization, CxIAST lets you easily detect vulnerabilities while inspecting custom code, libraries, frameworks, APIs, configuration files, and runtime data flows.

Full Application Coverage Wherever You Need It

Rather than only analyzing source code or only detecting vulnerabilities evident from the outside in, CxIAST uncovers security issues at all layers of your application, and then helps you understand their impact.

This means you can determine that a certain input triggers a vulnerability and identify the specific code, library, or configuration file that enables the vulnerability. Likewise, CxIAST allows you to trace runtime data flows across the application to identify which transaction types and services may be susceptible to vulnerabilities.

What’s more, when you integrate CxIAST into your delivery pipeline, you can run tests for any type of application, however the application is architected. Whether you’re delivering a cloud native microservices app that will be deployed on Kubernetes or a legacy monolith whose original developers retired a decade ago, CxIAST keeps all facets of the application secure.

Run silent, run deep

Find What Other Tools Don't

Transparently integrate runtime testing into your existing processes. Our lightweight agent detects and locates input-related issues, increasing accuracy and confidence. And when functional testing is over, so is your security “scan.”

Intelligent and Efficient Remediation

CxIAST not only tells you that problems exist, but also links them to the specific application components that cause them, so engineers don’t have to waste time digging through source code or running specialized tests to get to the root of an issue. Instead, they can focus on fixing it using the intelligent insights that CxIAST delivers.

That’s all the more relevant since CxIAST provides fast and simple IAST agent deployment. You only need to deploy agents once, and you’re covered for all release cycles going forward. You don’t need to waste time redeploying agents to help troubleshoot a security issue or setting up agents again each time you need to test a new release.

CxIAST turbocharges your confidence in the security of your application. By running CxIAST after you’ve vetted your application with CxSAST, you can deploy apps into production without worrying that you’ve failed to test for all potential security issues.

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