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Velocity is important. So is accuracy. It’s critical to meet deadlines and ship solid code. Alert the media: Our security checks don’t hold up your release dates. And your teams won’t have to keep checking and rechecking each line of code.

Release Code with Confidence

Meet deadlines and release secure code. Your devs can scan thousands of lines of code daily, without compromising speed, reliability, or accuracy.

Streamline Policies, Meet Tighter Timelines

Devs won’t need to compile code before scanning or wait for full scan jobs to start and complete. They can run thousands of scans per day with a high degree of accuracy, on-demand capacity, and easy fine-tuning. You can set up and use policies to govern application security and enforce them through build-tool integrations.

Work Better, Together

Integrate security testing into development, so devs can run automated scans with a single click right from their everyday tools. Get risk insights earlier when remediation costs less. And track improvement with timely, easy-to-understand metrics, dashboards, and analytics.

Build Your AppSec Testing Program

Cue the trumpets: Help is at hand. Lean on our expertise to bring the people, processes and technologies together to create, evaluate, or up–level your AppSec testing program. Best practices for the whole SDLC. Seamlessly implementing automation. Scaling. Compliance. We’re in for all of it.

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We’ll help your development and security teams work smarter together, securely.
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