Private Hosting Services

Checkmarx Private Hosting Services

Elevate your software security testing to the cloud.

Software Security, Data Privacy, and Business Resilience

To get the most out of your AppSec testing tools, you need to make sure they’re fully available and accessible to your development and security teams. You also need to know your sensitive data and intellectual property are fully protected with the proper software and network security safeguards and standards in place. Organizations worldwide trust our certified experts and Private Hosting Services to meet or exceed all availability and security requirements by managing and maintaining the infrastructure and environments that power their Checkmarx solutions.

Reduce the burden on your internal technical teams and increase the security and reliability of your AppSec solutions by hosting any of our industry-leading testing technologies on secure, dedicated, single-tenant servers in the Amazon Cloud ecosystem.

Simplify Management and Maintenance

We streamline the entire process of maintaining a highly available, resilient AppSec testing program for you. When performing regular maintenance to hosted Checkmarx environments, we’ll coordinate planned downtime with our customers at least seven days in advance, targeting off-peak hours, and requiring explicit approval before any maintenance.

We perform regular keep-alive monitoring of application servers, Checkmarx services, disk space, and web services availability, with automatic failure notification and response per our SLAs.

Increase Incident Management Efficiency

Checkmarx is ISO 27001 certified. As part of our internal ISO policy, we communicate details of security events and weaknesses associated with information systems directly to our customers, ensuring that corrective actions are taken as quickly as possible.

Applicable security events include virus attacks; hacking attempts; denial-of-service attacks; unauthorized copying, modification, or disclosure of information; tampering; operating system alteration; wire-tapping; and more. Such violations are recorded, monitored, investigated (including collection of evidence), and used to improve future measures and strengthen overall customer security.

We'll Meet You Wherever You Are

Our outstanding solutions are even better with our expert Global Services, making sure you get the greatest value from your investment in the shortest time. No matter what tools you use or where you are on your AppSec journey, we’ll work with you to deliver maximum efficiency, accuracy, and security.

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