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Bakotech Distributer

Ukraine Ukraine Certified Partner

BAKOTECH is an International group of companies, one of the leaders in focused Value Added IT Distribution, representing solutions of leading IT vendors, providing professional pre-sales, post-sales, marketing and technical support for partners and end-customers. Geographically the Group operates in 26 countries covering Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the CIS, Central Asia and the Balkans with offices in 5 countries.

Datastore Distributer

Switzerland Switzerland Certified Partner

DataStore AG (Adcomp AG at that time) was founded in 1977. It has had great success ever since on the Datacenter market as a value-add distributor. Thanks to our >30 employees in Spreitenbach (AG) and Gland (VD), we are the specialist on the entire Swiss market. Our goal is to meet the developments on the market with appropriate technologies, solutions and services. Network of Opportunities: Datastore’s “network of opportunities” is composed of an exciting, market-oriented portfolio of datacenter technologies that complete each other, innovative and advising co-workers and the personal integration of all our partners.

Atlantica Reseller

Italy Italy Certified Partner

Atlantica is a System Integrator that has been operating for over 30 years, in Italy and abroad, in the Telco, Industry, Defense, Transport, Utilities and Public Administration areas, relying on a solid technological base to meet the needs of a market in constant evolution. Atlantica supports its customers starting from the definition of the strategies continuing in the assessment and analysis of needs and taking charge of the design and development of technological solutions.

Balidea Reseller

Spain Spain Certified Partner

Balidea is an experienced and dynamic IT services consulting company specialized in SW development and integration, cybersecurity and systems integration with an approach constantly geared to innovation and customer service. This services are provided through a highly qualified professional team harmonized in a flexible and flat organizational structure and with a high degree of adaptability to the requirements of
our clients.

BCC Risk Advisory Reseller

Ireland Ireland Scotland Scotland Certified Partner

BCC Risk Advisory has defined a unique hybrid verification methodology that has proven efficient and cost-effective across a wide range of applications and

CNS Outsourcing IT Reseller

Poland Poland Certified Partner

CNS is a leader in providing managed IT security services. CNS provides clients with solutions related to computer networks as well as software security. By offering the highest quality consulting services, we support our clients in ensuring the reliability of the implemented software development process as well as maintaining the continuity of the application. We enable clients to minimize the risks occurring on a daily basis in business by providing ready-made solutions affecting key ICT performance indicators.

Compliance Control Limited Reseller

Ukraine Ukraine Certified Partner

Compliance Control Ltd. was founded in 2012 by the team of Information Security experts with years of experience in the field of payment systems as fully independent security assessor.
Our mission is to provide comprehensive assistance to customers in establishing optimal information security systems in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Consoft Sistemi Reseller

Italy Italy Certified Partner

We are an Italian company present on the ICT market since 1986 with offices in Turin, Milan, Genoa, Rome and Tunis, 400 employees and a turnover of more than 27 million euros. We develop end-to-end solutions capable of generating business value and support our customers in alignment with digital transformation. Our consulting and training activities, the implementation of integrated systems and the provision of outsourcing and insourcing services are the result of skills that are constantly present, updated and focused on thematic areas.

ethnosIT Reseller

Nigeria Nigeria Certified Partner

EthnosIT offers IT security appliances and support that ensures organization’s critical information assets like sensitive data and IT infrastructure are better protected against attacks. The company also provides clients with the needed leverage to satisfy and comply with the global security industry standard and regulation such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27002 etc.

Foresight Tech Group Reseller

Kenya Kenya Certified Partner

Foresight Tech Group focuses on building partnerships with our customers, developing an understanding of their business goals and building a security strategy that helps achieve their objectives. We provide world class quality in our offering of information security solutions & consulting services. Our highly experienced and professional team are dedicated to understanding and enhancing our client’s security posture.This synergy of competence provides added value and excellent quality products and services for our clients to keep them secure in the current and future cyberspace.

itegGO Reseller

Spain Spain Certified Partner

itegGO is a company focused in Risk Management, Software Testing and Quality Management. We apply services models that cover the main aspect related to Quality from different perspectives: Functional, Technical and financials. All the services that we provide to our customers are based on give to our customers the best solutions in the market, and get the best results for them on their investments in our services, applying solutions of high level value instead of solutions based in a high level of resources. Because of the big experience of our professionals, we are always applying innovations techniques in all our projects that let us do projects in a short time, and give good quality results as soon as possible.  Our customers are dynamic companies with a strong focus in Digital transformation of their business, with fast growing business, that are worried in Quality and Risk, and search for highly specialized suppliers.

Magix Security Reseller

South Africa South Africa Certified Partner

Magix Security delivers comprehensive and trusted Cybercrime Defense and Detection services to address, manage, and contain the risks and potential damage posed through the misuse of applications, or other IT information assets, by employees and/or third parties.

Puleng Technologies Reseller

South Africa South Africa Certified Partner

Puleng Technologies (PTY) Ltd, is a proudly South African ICT company with our roots firmly planted around building local expertise and providing our customers with “Project Success” linked to the solutions we design and support. The Puleng Blueprint provides its customers with a client-centric strategy to manage and secure the two most valuable assets an organisation has: its data and users, while facilitating IT and business with a platform to build an efficient, collaborative and integrated cybersecurity program. To further enhance our strategy Puleng provides customers with Data Center infrastructure platforms, which allows us to leverage our core strengths across our Compute, Storage, Virtualization and Management teams.

Real Security Reseller

Croatia Croatia Serbia Serbia Certified Partner

REAL security d.o.o. is acclaimed as the biggest and fastest-growing »TRUE value-added distributor« across the Adriatic with a presence in 8 countries including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia. With its strong Security portfolio, REAL security is recognized as a »Trusted Security Distributor« to over 1500 enterprises, financial institutions and government customers that use at least one of REAL security’s market-leading technologies, sold through its strong channel network of over 300 local partners and advisers. It is focused on the needs of business users in demand of comprehensive, reliable and proven solutions. REAL security experts provide quality consultancy, design and assist partners to identify key risks and define priorities for addressing IT Security gaps relating to compliance and next-generation threat protection. For more information, please visit:

Red Shift

Portugal Portugal Certified Partner

RedShift is a group composed by RedShift Consulting and RedShift Solutions and we specialize in CiberSecurity, Networking, Information Management and Low Code. We cover various market sectors such as Public Administration, Banking, Industry, Health, Insurance, Telecommunications, Transportation and Utilities.We believe that with our highly specialized teams, we can take your business even further.

Saepio Information Security Reseller

United Kingdom United Kingdom Certified Partner

Saepio don’t just supply IT security products. We increase awareness, reduce risk and improve security in a continually evolving threat landscape.
Security is more than technology. Best practice policy underpins a successful security strategy. People and products help enforce it. To achieve security goals, Saepio’s consultative approach ensures customers achieve the correct balance of time and budget across the three security pillars; Policy, Product and People. Our accredited team advise best fit solutions, whether it’s a strategic project to increase cyber resilience, a specific product requirement highlighted by a security incident or skilled man hours to aid with compliance drives. Our knowledge and partnerships help prioritise and simplify security decisions. Saepio operates in a positive environment that inspires employees to deliver excellent service around a serious subject. We believe great culture results in great attitudes which empowers job satisfaction, creativity and a compelling client experience.

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