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Checkmarx erweitert Ihre End-to-End-AppSec-Lösungen um ebenso performante End-to-End-Integrationen. So können Ihre Entwickler, Ihre Security-Experten und Ihre Operations-Teams jederzeit effizient zusammenarbeiten.

Hier finden Sie unsere Embedded Integrationen für den gesamten SDLC.

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Strengthen your security stance by shifting left into an environment that’s comfortable for all devs. By easily integrating an interactive UI plugin for CxSAST, whether on-prem or in the cloud, users can review and fix code vulnerabilities within their preferred IDE. Devs can navigate to the best-fix location directly from the natively displayed scan results, and then click-through to the corresponding CxCodebashing lesson to learn how to fix and avoid those bugs. And once they remediate vulnerabilities, they can kick off private scans to verify their code is vulnerability-free before merging it.

Source Code Repository

Development teams are constantly adding new projects and are under pressure to eliminate vulnerabilities in their code. Devs need security scans within their SCM solution, configured to fit their specific AppSec program. With security no longer a blocker, ensure adoption and a working pipeline by enabling the dev team to control Checkmarx scans within the native SCM CI/CD pipeline. Built-in remediation training with CxCodebashing links to the security findings within the SCM. In addition, we allow security teams to block pull requests on specific results based on severity level or vulnerability category.


Your pipelines, your way. And when we say “your,” we’re talking about everyone on your DevSecOps teams. Our extensive CI/CD integrations minimize complications between departments and eliminate friction between technology and departmental workflows by providing comprehensive, customizable, and seamless AppSec solutions that can run on-prem or in the cloud.

DevOps can automate scans as a step in your dev pipelines to fit your AppSec strategy by creating security branches or pre-release gateway scans. Orchestration pulls reports directly into your CI/CD UI, requiring no extra dev effort.

While customizable Checkmarx queries and presets address specific organizational needs, it’s easy to further tune and configure the integrations and interactive UI plugins for every environment.

Checkmarx CLI

When CISOs or AppSec managers choose an AppSec strategy that integrates our centralized and scalable solutions through CLI, they win over development, technical and security managers. This zero effort solution kicks-off CxSAST and/or CxSCA scans as a step in your pipeline, automatically producing a detailed result report. Checkmarx can rule your deliveries within your defined security thresholds so you can meet the challenges of all your use cases. Thoroughly scan your codebase before production to deliver secure software while avoiding inter-departmental complications. In addition, role-based access control through LDAP and SAML grants local users tiered access.

Feedback and Ticketing

You and your teams want all bugs maintained in one central location. Not only that, but when fixed, you want those bugs to be automatically closed. Our ticketing tool integrations offer an entire automated feedback loop that opens, updates, and closes bugs and issues. Without manual intervention, you can create tickets filtered by the severity of bugs found in a project – helping prevent overwhelmed devs. This also lets managers gather data to determine a baseline and track the effectiveness of your AppSec program.

Cloud Service Providers

Whether you’re an on-prem customer or host your CxManager in the cloud, we’ve got the tools, technology and flexibility to meet your needs, everywhere you operate.



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Here are some additional partners we’re proud to collaborate with on solutions to give our customers comprehensive coverage.


Checkmarx teams with Onapsis to offer the most accurate and powerful platform to scan your entire codebase, including SAP applications and systems built on ABAP code. With applications at the core of any organization, we enable you to remediate application vulnerabilities as early in the development process as possible.


Refactr’s radically simple DevSecOps automation platform encourages disparate stakeholders to collaborate on the same agile workflow. Create repeatable pipelines, enable integrations with Checkmarx security solutions, and ensure organizations continuously automate safely and seamlessly. Together, Checkmarx and Refactr enable complex scanning to seamlessly tie into a more extensive pipeline process.

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