Secure Your Code from the Start

With Checkmarx SAST™, you can run fast and accurate incremental or full scans whenever you need them. Trust our industry-leading SAST solution to give you the flexibility, accuracy, and coverage to secure your most critical code commits, within your rule sets, at scale.

Inject security automation into your dev pipeline. Handle the most complex coding environments seamlessly.
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flexibility at your fingertips

Effortlessly scale security with flexible scanning when and where you need it in 25+ languages and frameworks, making security an integral part of your dev life cycle in the tools you’re already using.

Find Issues Earlier, Without Interruption

Checkmarx SAST scans code incrementally at the source code level to find security issues as early as possible in the SDLC. Unlike with other solutions, you don’t need to compile your code to start scanning—just check it in and let Checkmarx SAST get started while you move on to writing the next round of code.

Plus, because it supports dozens of programming languages and frameworks—from COBOL and Visual Basic to Go and Swift—Checkmarx SAST works with whatever code you throw at it, no special configurations or orchestration required.

There’s also no need to learn a new toolset in order to scan a new type of language. With Checkmarx SAST, one scanner and workflow does it all, no matter which languages or frameworks your team is using.


Results You Can Trust

Get the accuracy you need to fix problems fast, with fewer false positives and fire drills. Our technology and experts will help you uncover the most critical vulnerabilities earlier in your CI/CD pipeline.

Compatible with the Tools Your Devs Already Use

Static code analysis is part and parcel of any modern software delivery chain. Checkmarx SAST automatically scans uncompiled source code for vulnerabilities early in the development life cycle, providing essential guidance and context to help engineers resolve problems. Now, teams can avoid software security vulnerabilities without slowing down their delivery pipelines.

In addition to supporting a wide range of programming languages, Checkmarx SAST integrates with virtually every mainstream IDE, CI server, source code management platform, etc.

Developers can use Checkmarx SAST to seamlessly add security scanning to their existing development pipelines. They don’t need to adopt new tools or manage specialized scanning processes to take advantage of source code scanning. With zero configurations to worry about, they can just point Checkmarx SAST at the code and let it get to work.


Always Be Remediating

Customizable queries, actionable insights, and a simple web UI make tracking your application risk easy. With our Best Fix Location feature, you’ll know exactly where your bugs live and how to crush them fast.

Remediation Guidance Developers Want

Finding security vulnerabilities in source code is only half the battle. They still need to be fixed, and quickly, to ensure that the delivery pipeline keeps flowing smoothly.

Checkmarx SAST offers flexible queries to help engineers tune out false positives, and it categorizes vulnerabilities by severity so developers know which ones to address first. The solution also provides recommendations about the best place within your codebase to fix the issue, rather than leaving developers guessing. The result is faster time to remediation with less effort from your teams.

Checkmarx SAST helps square the circle between development and security. It finds security issues in uncompiled source code early in the development cycle and provides actionable remediation guidance. This way, you can root out security flaws efficiently without compromising your business’s ability to quickly roll out continuous software releases.

We'll Meet You Wherever You Are

Our outstanding solutions are even better with our expert Global Services, making sure you get the greatest value from your investment in the shortest time. No matter what tools you use or where you are on your AppSec journey, we’ll work with you to deliver maximum efficiency, accuracy, and security.

Since we launched Checkmarx SAST, we've consistently led the industry through technology, innovation, and unparalleled customer value.
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