Ticketing and Feedback Loop Integrations

Ticketing and Feedback Loop Integrations for Checkmarx Security Findings

for Checkmarx Security Findings

Why Integrate Checkmarx with Your Ticketing and Feedback Tools?

You and your teams want all bug tickets maintained in a central location, and when the bugs are fixed, you want the tickets automatically closed. Our ticketing tool integrations offer an automated feedback loop that opens, updates, and closes bug and issue tickets. Without manual intervention, you can create tickets filtered by the severity of bugs found in project, easing the pressure on your devs. We also enable managers to gather the data they need to determine a baseline and track the effectiveness of your AppSec program.

Where We Integrate



Closed-Loop Defect Tracking

Feedback Apps

Get Your Bugs in a Row

Most AppSec products only integrate with bug tracking tools that need some degree of manual intervention. Checkmarx security solutions scan your code and then pull all bugs assigned to you into one place: your ticketing or feedback tool. These auto-created tickets or issues correspond to your SCM repository. So, when you fix your source code, our solutions rescan the code and automatically update or close the ticket once you fix the bug, providing insight throughout the entire feedback loop.

Automatically Triage Based on Severity

Manually triaging high severity security findings within tools drains AppSec engineers’ time. Integrating Checkmarx security solutions with your ticketing and feedback channels automatically creates tickets found in the project, filtered by severity. When you triage based on severity filters, you avoid polluting your bug tracker with low-risk findings.

Easily Prove AppSec Program Effectiveness

We create reports for security scan results in multiple formats (REST, JSON, CSV, SARIF). You can automatically import data to show trends in vulnerabilities over time, as well as how many vulnerabilities are currently in the codebase, ranked on risk severity.

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Our outstanding solutions are even better with our expert Global Services, making sure you get the greatest value from your investment in the shortest time. No matter what tools you use or where you are on your AppSec journey, we’ll work with you to deliver maximum efficiency, accuracy, and security.

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