Twas the Night of the Go-Live

Twas the night of the Go-Live, and all through the team,

We were nervous as ever, at least it would seem.

We thought we had done, everything that was right,

We were hoping it’s quick, then we’d call it a night.


We had the right tools, at least we thought so,

We fired up our DAST, the testing was slow.

Done all of our testing, found all that was wrong,

Fixed all of our errors, our defenses were strong.


A minor bug might still be there, it’ll never be found,

Our spirits were high, soon we’ll be sharing a round.

We still had our WAF, sitting in detect mode,

It’ll cover our bases, and protect the new code.


We hired a pen-tester, it was part of the rules,

He found no new bugs, using all of his tools.

Our confidence grew, we were feeling quite proud,

High fives went around, we were laughing out loud.


We got the green light, after proving we’re good,

We might get a bonus, or even knighthood.

With a flip of a switch, the new code it went live,

It was now on the web, this was not a test drive.


Now Hacker! Now Cracker!

Now Robber! Now Crook!

On Bandit! On Burglar!

On Pirate!  On Rook!

Do what you will!

You will never get through!

Now go away, go away, go away too.


We covered all bases, couldn’t find a new bug,

I was about to go get, my brand new beer mug.

But little did we know, they found a code fault,

And once this occurred, on came the assault.


The fault they did find, was completely well hidden,

This kind of error, was always forbidden.

It unlocked the door, and they quickened their pace,

They gained complete access, to the database.


Once they were there, the data they stole,

Our WAF it saw little, it was like a big hole.

Our defenses were weak, yet we didn’t know,

Our reaction was late, and way, way too slow.


On the dark web, we found all the profiles,

Our customer’s info, and all of our files.

The breach it was huge, the effects are long lasting,

Heads they will roll, the press is forecasting.


If we had better tools, with the best fix location,

All bugs could be found, from a single workstation.

We got some new budget, and new leadership too,

State of the art, we found something new.


Three tools they are used, for security testing,

We bought them all, we are investing.

Integrated with training, for our code writers

We got what we need, we are well equipped fighters.


The solution came, in a single platform,

For software protection, it’s now the new norm.

It won’t happen again, every bug we can find,

The solution is great, we are no longer blind.


The company helped us, the platform is running,

The install was quick, its performance is stunning.

Now we are the best, with the highest benchmarks,

The product is great, and it’s made by Checkmarx.


Happy testing to all, and to all a good fight!

About the Author

About the Author

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