Securing Your Open Source Supply Chain is Easier Than You Think

As organizations include more open source software in their applications than ever before, securing software supply chains is a growing challenge. Open source ecosystems are vast and highly dynamic, just as they are meant to be. However, compromised dependencies need to be found and dealt with immediately, and manual approaches are simply unsustainable.


Constantly monitoring open source projects for anomalies associated with attack techniques


Analysis includes project metadata, maintainer reputation, and package behaviors in a detonation chamber​


Included with Checkmarx SCA to provide developers zero-friction security

Checkmarx Supply Chain Security​

Don’t take code from strangers​

At Checkmarx, we focus on creating proactive supply chain security tools so you can rest assured that malicious code doesn’t make it into your applications. Included in Checkmarx SCA, our Supply Chain Security is an important part of the wider Checkmarx mantra: Trusted by CISOs, loved by Developers.

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Get our latest security research, open source insights, and product updates. Checkmarx is committed to not just helping organizations create secure applications without slowing developers down, but also to contributing back to open source communities. The following are a few of our open source projects to help secure software supply chains:


ChainJacking is a tool to find which of your Golang direct GitHub dependencies is susceptible to ChainJacking attacks.

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Designed for the open source community, ChainAlert continuously scans popular packages and alerts when there’s reason to suspect those packages’ accounts were hacked.

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DustiLock is a tool to find which of your dependencies is susceptible to Dependency Confusion attacks.

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