Why Checkmarx

Why Checkmarx?

Modern application development needs modern application security. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of code scanning and setting new standards for the industry. 

We Lead with Technology, Expertise, and Innovation

Your enterprise lives in an increasingly complex space, with aggressive deadlines and no room for security risks or vulnerabilities. 

With our award-winning Application Security Testing solutions, we enable developers to securely accelerate their work. Our technology, globally diverse culture, and dedication to solving real problems makes Checkmarx your AppSec partner of choice.

Industry-Recognized Leadership

Any company can call itself a leader, but it takes the right technology, innovation, dedication, and expertise to deliver what our customers need every day. We’re happy to say the industry has taken notice.

Five Reasons to Go with the Market Leader

Scan results seamlessly integrated into 25+ dev workflows, environments, and infrastructures.

Accurate, integrated scanning for all your code, providing actionable security insights and visibility across every application and environment.

AppSec training that devs actually enjoy, fostering an AppSec program that works more efficiently for both developers and security teams.

Developer– and AppSec–friendly solutions offering the scalability and flexibility you need for enterprise–grade software development.

Expertise, solutions, and best practices that ensure optimized results and frictionless collaboration, whether on–prem, hybrid, or in the cloud.

We're Different

We balance the needs of the entire organization, from DevSecOps to CISOs, delivering seamless security from the start and throughout the entire SDLC. Our integrated security solutions and outstanding global services provide you with frictionless, secure enterprise software development and unparalleled visibility as you build brilliant applications.

We’ve got your back. As your trusted AppSec partner, we put you first by bringing you technical expertise and expert research that uncovers new vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and trends to give you the intel you need to efficiently secure tomorrow’s software.

"Now, more than ever, security must be top-of-mind for us all. Checkmarx is relentless in its mission to empower organizations to make software and security inseparable."
Emmanuel Benzaquen
Checkmarx CEO

We protect your brand by drastically reducing risk in even the most complex code environments. We'll help you shift left, manage change, and seamlessly integrate all of your technologies together.


Source Code Scanning

Detect and fix more vulns before you ship your code.


Open Source Scanning

Find and eliminate the risks in your open source code.


Interactive Code Scanning

Detects vulns and runtime risks during functional testing.


Secure Code Training

Fun, integrated AppSec training targeted to each developer.

We’ll meet you wherever you are on your AppSec journey, whether you need help setting up, building your program, or keeping up with day-to-day management.

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Get in contact and see how we can help your devs, AppSec teams and organization succeed, securely.

Get started today and quickly improve your application security coverage and governance.
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