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Checkmarx Over Snyk

Checkmarx vs Snyk:
AppSec Platform Comparison

Enterprise Grade Application Security

From a high false positive rate to a lack of language and framework coverage, Snyk simply isn’t good enough for large enterprises committed to developing secure applications. Learn more about why the majority of the Fortune 100 companies choose Checkmarx as a Snyk

Greater accuracy

Snyk SAST has a high false negative rate, leaving you unsure what to fix first.

Checkmarx SAST finds 73% more true positives than Snyk, and Fusion correlation helps you prioritize.

Better reporting

Snyk customers complain that custom reports take 8+ hours to build and lack basic core functionality, like filtering.

Checkmarx provides reporting across all testing solutions at the level that enterprises require.

More repos and languages

Understanding what’s exploitable can help prioritize. Snyk’s Reachable Vulnerabilities only works with GitHub repos and Java projects.

Checkmarx Exploitable Path supports all major repos and popular languages.

Trusted by the World’s Leading Enterprises

Feature Spotlight

Checkmarx has the largest repository of malicious packages, and scans over one million
packages each month – far more than Snyk. With Snyk, you’re lacking context on known attackers and vulnerable packages.

The good news? No matter who your SCA provider is today, you can take advantage of the Checkmarx Supply Chain Threat Intelligence API for the best coverage of the most malicious packages.

Checkmarx vs Snyk: Where Checkmarx Stands Out

Speed and Security

Yes, you can have it all. Snyk might define themselves as “the developer security company”, but they often miss vulnerable code and allow it to be released to production.

With Checkmarx, developers can have fast and accurate scanning that shows them exactly what to fix, without compromising security. This ensures that no vulnerability gets missed.

Find more real vulnerabilities 

Securing your applications effectively is increasingly complex, and requires SAST, SCA, DAST, API Security, and more to secure applications across the different areas of the SDLC.

Checkmarx finds vulnerabilities that Snyk misses; Compared to Snyk, Checkmarx SAST identifies 73% more true positives, and Checkmarx SCA identifies 11% more TPs. And when you surface those vulnerabilities, Best Fix Location identifies where fixing one line of code can remediate multiple vulnerabilities at once for faster time-to-remediation.


Breadth of Coverage

Snyk’s language and framework coverage is limited, especially for their SAST, IaC, and container-scanning capabilities. Your developers write applications in a wide variety of languages, some that you may not even be aware of. As such, wide language support is a must to ensure your developers are happy and efficient, no matter what language they choose.

As market leaders, Checkmarx offers proven and trusted AppSec solutions that have the breadth and depth for enterprise coverage across the entire software life cycle, integrates seamlessly into developers’ workflows, and supports 50+ languages and 100+ frameworks.

Expert optimization 

Complex applications with modern AppSec often requires support and customization. Snyk’s services offerings are limited compared to Checkmarx and has grown less agile and responsive over time. Snyk’s “24/7” phone support directs you to an answering service on the weekends.

Checkmarx provides deep and broad engagement from onboarding to optimization, with prioritized ticketing and 24/7 technical support, fast SLAs, as well as proactive setup, training, and optimization from the start, so you get the best security outcomes.

Prioritize Your Findings With Accurate Results

Avoid false positives and false negatives with custom presets and queries, while receiving optimization guidance from our professional services experts, who will guide you every step of the way.

Develop Secure Applications Easily

Meet your developers where they are. Checkmarx SAST seamlessly integrates directly into developers preferred work environment, and allows them to see where and how to fix vulnerable code.

Save Time Fixing Vulnerabilities

Remediate vulnerabilities faster by only scanning the changed code. There’s no need to rescan an entire application every time.

Mitigate API Risk Faster

Discover and assess APIs everywhere – throughout the lifecycle, in documentation, source code, and dynamic testing – to address risks efficiently.

Prioritized Remediation

Focus your AppSec teams and developers on the most critical issues, by prioritizing API vulnerabilities based on their business value and risk.


What Our Customers Say

Customers who chose Checkmarx over others

“Checkmarx One definitely checks all my boxes from a security standpoint and has a great interface that’s engaging and easy to use. Some of the solutions we considered were more complicated. With Checkmarx One, it’s easy to get right to the problem with little to no learning curve.”

Joel Godbout

Cybersecurity and Networking Manager


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

"Checkmarx’s execution is impressive; it’s brought all the products under one cloud platform"

Joel Godbout

Cybersecurity and Networking Manager


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

"By Far The Best AppSec Tooling Decision We Have Made!!"

Joel Godbout

Cybersecurity and Networking Manager


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

"We were thrilled to find Checkmarx, which helped us improve the SLA for identifying and remediating risk, reduce risk and the number of vulnerabilities, and eliminate high- and meduim-risk issues."

Ubirajara Aguiar Jr.

Tech Lead, Red Team/DevSecOps


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

"Checkmarx made security team and developers life easier."

Security Analyst

IT Services


The Forrester WaveTM: Software Composition Analysis, Q2 2023

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