Announcing the Checkmarx Tech Partnership Program

3 min.

October 18, 2023

General partner program announcement

We’re thrilled to announce the Checkmarx Tech Partnership Program, seamlessly integrating even more best-in-breed partner capabilities with Checkmarx One, the industry-leading AI-Powered enterprise AppSec platform.

With Checkmarx One, you can easily extend the platform with a wide range of Tech Partner capabilities in the areas of SDLC tooling, Runtime & Cloud Security, Vulnerability Management, and Emerging Tech.

If you’re looking to build a unified AppSec posture or extract more value from your existing AppSec solutions to drive better security outcomes, we have partner solutions that deliver. 

The Need for a Single, Unified Platform

Modern application security is complex. From the initial stages of development to deployment and maintenance, every phase of the SDLC presents its unique challenges. Security tools often sprawl across these stages, and without proper integration, the consequences are clear, and unfortunately, far too common: inefficiencies, incomplete coverage, missed vulnerabilities, slowed development cycles, and increased risk.   

Enterprises require a platform designed to enable CISOs, AppSec, and development leaders to prioritize their teams’ focus on what impacts their business, because it’s no longer just about shifting left or right — it’s about shifting everywhere. And shifting everywhere requires integrating and automating security within, and beyond, your development pipeline.

Existing Partnerships and Integrations

The Checkmarx Tech Partnership Program was inspired by customer feedback about the importance of integrations across the entire SDLC, from development to deployment and reporting. We have always been at the forefront of offering meaningful integrations into CI/CD, IDE, SCM, ticketing, vulnerability management, and runtime tools. 

Checkmarx customers already know that Checkmarx has numerous integrations with industry leaders like JetBrains, Jira, Gitlab and countless others. 

With the program’s launch, we’re amplifying our commitment by bringing in more partners, including companies like  AWS, ServiceNow, and Sysdig. 

More Value for Checkmarx Customers

Confidence in integration quality. We’ve all been there – trying to use “integrations” that are smoke and mirrors that don’t have the true back-and-forth, full capability set that the independent, disjointed solution provides. And, in MVP-level integrations, it is often not clear who to contact, for example, if an integration isn’t working as it should. 

With the Checkmarx Tech Partnership Program, customers can trust that tools will work together seamlessly. Plus we will be your primary contact when you have questions or need support. With integrations through our tech partnership program, you can be assured of the integration quality, backed up with support and a single point of contact for all integration related queries. 

Drive better security outcomes. Many of our partner integrations help customers aggregate and see all vulnerabilities in one place, manage with one process, or connect the dots.

When AppSec teams can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities faster, developers can focus on the vulnerabilities that really matter, in the tools they already use, and AppSec leaders can extract analytics that deliver meaningful insight across various toolsets. 

For example, through the recent integration with Sysdig, Checkmarx users can now leverage runtime container insights to prioritize vulnerabilities associated with container packages that are actually running and that pose the most risk, reducing vulnerability noise by up to 95%.    

Want to Partner with Us?

We’re always looking to add new Tech Partner Program members to bring new and exciting functionality to our customers. 

Checkmarx Partners work collaboratively with our team to ensure full, seamless integration with the Checkmarx One platform, ensuring the solution is easily accessible to our more than 1,800+ customers, including 60% of the Fortune 100. 

Potential partners can learn more about the program and benefits and contact us today to start the conversation. 

Shift everywhere with the most extensible code-to-cloud AppSec ecosystem

The Checkmarx Tech Partnership Program was built to help you shift everywhere to identify risk throughout your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and manage AppSec risk across your entire application footprint. As a result, organizations leveraging the Checkmarx Tech Partnership Program ultimately create efficiencies in your remediation processes and build trust between Security and Development teams along the way. 

To learn more about Checkmarx Tech Partnership Program members and integrations, check out the brand-new directory that puts the spotlight on featured partners. 

We’re so excited to launch the program today, but we’re only getting started. Stay tuned for more exciting partner announcements coming soon!