Glossary: Multi-Platform JavaScript Code Analysis

Multi-Platform JavaScript Code Analysis

The Source File Metrics application is an advanced JavaScript Code Analyzer. These codes calculate metrics like total files and lines, code lines for multiple formats and whitespace lines. Comment lines/files, average line length, code/whitespace ratio, code/comments ratio and code/ (comments/whitespace) ratio are also calculated.

JavaScript Code Analysisincludes built-in comments. File extension definitions for the following programs: C, C++, Assembly, Java, and HTML are also integrated into the interface.

Several combinations of the solutionsmentioned are also built-in as a part of theJavaScript Code Analysis. It is now easy to define new comment and extension types before saving them for future use. It features a simple and powerful algorithm for source metrics which allows the user to define comments and extensions - this in addition to the built-in features.

The GUI includes a user-friendly tree view of the project as well as a tabular display of the codeanalysis results.There are several customizable report generation options available. Also, full text reports may be generated. These display folders as well as files, as rows in the report.

Code Analyzer that executes a JavaScript code analysisis written completelyin JavaScript, using NetBeans.A full description of the object relationships that exist within the Java Code Analyzer design, as well as its use and capabilities, can be found in the Java User's Guide. The User's Guide is accessible viathe "Help" option.

Comprehensive CSV (Comma Separated Value) reports can be generated as part of the JavaScript Code Analysis. These can display each file or folder inseparate rows, and they can be easily imported into formats such as MS Excel or OpenOffice. Full HTML reports provide a completeHTML-formatted page, suitable for web publishing.

The Code Analyzer that executes JavaScript Code Analysisis an important piece of software, distributed for the benefit of Java developers. It's hosted oncentral dedicated URL'salong with user forums and bug tracking systems.

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