Checkmarx: Proactive Threat Protection

Today’s cyber landscape leaves no room for mistakes when it comes to the security of software and applications. Enterprises are well aware of the harsh consequences of a cyberattack. Moreover, with end users expecting software vendors to deliver cutting edge software at the speed of light, enterprises find themselves constantly juggling between quick releases and secure releases. “The current approach toward fixing security vulnerabilities at the end of the software development lifecycle creates a recurring cycle of delivery delays,” states Emmanuel Benzaquen, Checkmarx’s CEO. In light of this, Checkmarx is reshaping the ways of application security testing by tapping into the DevOps cycle as early as where developers are coding, making security a seamless and effortless component of the process. “We believe the sooner security vulnerabilities are fixed, the faster the application delivery will be,” he adds.   Click here to read the full article
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