Code Dx(R) and Checkmarx Partner to Enhance Software Security

Code Dx, Inc., a provider of a robust suite of fast and affordable tools that help software developers and security analysts find, prioritize and visualize software vulnerabilities, today announced its partnership with Checkmarx, a global leader in software application security. Through the partnership, the Code Dx Enterprise Edition now supports Checkmarx’s powerful source code analysis solution. By offering this internationally used, automated scanning technology as part of its toolset, Code Dx further enhances the ability for developers and auditors to easily scan mobile and web application code and eliminate software risk. “Checkmarx’s source code analysis solution scans code at its earliest stage in the software development life cycle before it is even compiled. This enables developers to identify and resolve coding flaws when they take less time and money to fix,” said Anita D’Amico, Ph.D., CEO for Code Dx. “Checkmarx is a logical addition to the toolset we offer through our Code Dx software vulnerability management system, providing users greater coverage in their application security testing process.” “Our source code analysis solution supports 18 different languages including a wide range of mobile and web languages. Checkmarx and Code Dx together will enable users to combine results from other source code analysis tools to ensure any security weaknesses are identified,” said Amit Ashbel, product marketing manager at Checkmarx. “By testing applications early on, organizations are not only able to reduce the costs of fixing problems, but developers are able to take the responsibility of identifying and resolving issues off the security managers and fix problems while they are actually working in the code — eliminating the need to re-open the code later on during the QA or production phases.” The Code Dx software vulnerability management system runs a suite of pre-configured, fully integrated, multi-language, open-source static code analysis tools against a code base to enable organizations to easily locate and fix potential security vulnerabilities. It also incorporates the results of commercial tools and manual analysis and automatically correlates all findings into a single consolidated result set, viewable from a single user interface — with reports presented in an easy-to-understand visual display. Read the full release here  

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About the Author

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