Managed Software Security Services

Managed Software Security Services

We’ll reduce your software security workload, easily and efficiently.

Turnkey Support for Your Software Security Initiatives

No matter where you need it, we’re happy to handle your AppSec program’s heavy lifting. For a variety of reasons, many security, development, and IT teams simply don’t have the time or resources to achieve all of their application risk management goals. We do. As the market leader, we’ve built in the flexibility in each of our services to meet our customers wherever they are on their AppSec journey.

Our customer-specific AppSec managed services enable you to reduce the burden of your ongoing software security program. You can leave the hard parts to us while you focus on what matters: deploying complex code at speed and scale.

On-Demand Expert Guidance

We give you continuous access to a team of application security experts who quickly learn your processes and assess your needs. Our experts are seasoned developers who know our security solutions inside and out, and they understand the pressures your developers are facing.

We bring years of experience implementing customized AppSec programs for organizations around the world, navigating real code-level security issues. Together, we’ll help you and your teams launch secure code faster and easier.

Deployment Your Way

We’ll support you however you need help in your deployment strategy. Our managed services program allows you to host best-of-breed Application Security Testing technologies wherever you need them: on-premises, in hybrid environments, or within secure AWS private clouds.

Trust us to maintain the infrastructure and operations that support your software security initiatives. Then, you can focus on getting the most from your security solutions.

What Customers Are Saying

AppSec Guidance That Gets You More​

Let us help you get the very most from your AppSec solutions, from the most secure code to the quickest ROI. 

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