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Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

The MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) feature adds an additional security layer for customers that are using Access Control and want to increase their level of security.

You can enable MFA under the Two-Factor Authentication tab.


The supported MFA platforms are:

  • Google Authenticator

  • Microsoft Authenticator

  • FreeOTP

You can configure MFA by using an initial code or via a QR code- both are provided on the setup page.


Once you complete the process, you receive recovery codes to be used if you lose access to the MFA application.


Each code can only be used once.

After configuring MFA you can:

  • Disable it

  • Reset recovery codes

  • Set up the authenticator app

  • Reset authenticator app


If you lose access to the authenticator App and do not have the recovery codes, you will be locked out and will need to reset MFA in the database.


  • Initially, you can choose to enable\disable the MFA for yourself, afterwards, this ability will be controlled by admins.

  • Plugins support:

    • Plugins that are natively using a web browser support MFA.

    • Other plugins like IDE, IntelliJ, and Eclipse, could be adjusted to support MFA but won't prevent you from logging in.