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Installation and Configuration of MID Server for Vulnerability Response Integration with SAST

  1. Create the MID Server user and grant mid_server access; follow the link to create a user in your Instance: Setup MID Server Role.

  2. Download the suitable MID Server file on the host machine with access to SAST and follow the steps to download MID Server here: Download MID Server Files.

  3. Once downloaded, add the instance URL, MID Server username, and password in the config file, then add the name of your MID Server and start it. Check this link for further details: Install MID Server on Windows.

  4. Once MID Server is up and reflected in your instance, validate it. You can check this link for further details: Validate MID Server.

Configuration is done initially and is a one-time activity.

To Configure the Checkmarx Vulnerability Integration:

  1. Navigate to your instance of ServiceNow and log in.

  2. Search for Checkmarx Vulnerability Integration.

  3. Click Configuration.

  4. Provide the information required to complete the Checkmarx configuration.


    Mandatory fields are marked with red_asterix.png

    • Checkmarx Server URL: SAST URL

    • Username: Checkmarx SAST Username

    • Password: Checkmarx SAST Password

    • Category Name: Configured as per requirement without adding any default value to this field, it will populate ‘Category Name’  it is getting from SAST

    • Mid_Server: Select your MID Server using the search list.

    • Include First Detection Date: This column will be included in the AVIT table when enabled.

    • Vulnerability Threshold Level: Option to select the threshold level from the following:

      • High: Displays only High vulnerabilities.

      • Medium: Displays High and Medium vulnerabilities.

      • Low: Displays High, Medium, and Low vulnerabilities.

      • Info: Displays Info, High, Medium, and Low vulnerabilities.

  5. Click Save and Test Credentials.

    The system tests the credentials and confirms if the validation is successful.

    If the authentication is successful, continue to perform the Checkmarx Vulnerability Integration.


If you are getting any of these errors, follow the steps to solve them:

  • HttpException: Session contains no certificates – Untrusted

    • The Checkmarx Server URL is not on the trusted list. Please add it to the trusted list.

    • Open MID Security Policy in the ServiceNow UI, and disable cert checking for the Intranet zone.

  • The payload size of 24138679 bytes exceeded the maximum of 20000000 bytes

    • Go to MID Server > Properties

    • Verify if the property mid.eccq.max_payload_size exists

    • If the property exists, increase the size of the payload in bytes. If it doesn't exist, create a new one, and specify the payload size in bytes, the default is 20000000 bytes.