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Logging in using SAML Single Sign-On

Login using SAML single sign-on can be performed from the CxSAST web interface and the Eclipse, the IntelliJ and the Visual Studio IDE plugins. To sign in, do the following:

  1. Access the CxSAST web interface by using the Checkmarx Portal shortcut on the Desktop or navigate to the Checkmarx folder (Start > All Programs > Checkmarx > Checkmarx Portal). The CxSAST Login screen is displayed.



    The SAML Login option is only available in the CxSAST Login screen if SAML is enabled in the SAML configuration (Management > Connection > SAML).

  2. Click <SAML Login. The OKTA Login screen is displayed.

  3. Sign in using your Username/Login ID and Password. Once authenticated, you are redirected and logged into the CxSAST web interface.