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Post-Installation Procedures

The CxPostInstallation Utility has been introduced for all CxSAST 9.x versions to ensure that the database is fully updated with the correct URIs after upgrading or newly installing CxSAST. The utility comes as a one-file utility and can be placed anywhere on the same host where the CxManager resides as long as it can connect to the database.


  • In Distributed installations, the CxPostInstallation Utility must be located on the CxManager host.

  • Incorrect URIs render the Web Portal inaccessible and CxSAST cannot be used.

To run the CxPostInstallation and update all URIs:
  1. Right-click the shortcut 6436169787.png to the CxPostInstallation utility on the desktop and run it as Administrator, or right-click and then press and hold <SHIFT> to run the utility as a different user.


    If you run the utility as a different user, you are prompted for the user credentials of the desired user.


    The Welcome screen appears.

  2. Click <Start> to open the dialog.

  3. Under SAST Application URI, enter the valid endpoint (URI) of your CxSAST engine server and click <Next>. The updated SAST Application URI appears.

  4. Click <Next>. A summary dialog appears, displaying the updated URIs together with the current ones.

  5. To accept the updated URIs, click <Update>. A message confirms that the CxSAST endpoints have been successfully updated.


    To enter a different SAST Application URI, click <Back> and repeat the previous steps. To close the utility without making changes, click <x>.