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Checkmarx One Visual Studio Extension (Plugin)

The Checkmarx One Visual Studio extension enables you to import results from a Checkmarx One scan directly into your IDE. You can view the vulnerabilities that were identified in your source code and navigate directly to the vulnerable code in the editor.

Main Features

  • Import Checkmarx One scan results into your IDE

  • Show results from all scan types (SAST, SCA, and KICS)

  • Group and filter results

  • Navigate from results directly to the vulnerable code in the editor

  • Vulnerable code is highlighted in the editor

  • Triage results - edit the result predicate (severity, state and comments) directly from the Visual Studio console

  • Links to Codebashing lessons


  • You have a Checkmarx One account and can run Checkmarx One scans on your source code.


Scans can be initiated via Checkmarx One, Checkmarx One CLI, SCM Plugins, CI/CD Plugins or REST APIs.

  • You have an API key for your Checkmarx One account. To create an API key, see Generating an API Key.

  • You are running Visual Studio version 2022.