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System Elements

Checkmarx One uses a series of system elements. The following is a description of those system elements:

  • Application

    • An Application is a logical entity that contains several Projects.

    • Aggregated statistics are shown for all Projects within the Application.

  • Project

    • A Project represents a logical entity within an Application.

    • Scans run on the Project level.

    • Aggregated statistics are shown for all scans of the Project.

  • Project Branch

    • It is possible create separate “Branches”, meaning different versions of the same fundamental source code, within a Project. This enables the ability to scan each branch separately using the identical scan configuration and tracking the results as a single Project.

  • Scan

    • A scans runs on the existing Project (or Project Branch), using the Project configuration. The configuration determines which queries to use for the scan.

    • The current version of the source code is uploaded each time that a new scan runs.

    • Results can be viewed showing the vulnerabilities that were discovered for each scan.