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Release Updates (v3.1.0)

The following release updates are available for CxIAST version 3.1.0. Use the search tool to find a specific subject.

New Features and Changes

CxIAST version 3.1.0 includes the following new features and changes:



Setup & Configuration

API Versioning - CxIAST RESTful API supports versioning. This ensures forward and backward compatibility looking forward but requires an update for any API already in use.

Version upgrade - If you have version 2.6.x or below installed, it is required to clean the DB and uninstall the version before upgrading to v3.1.0 installation.

Docker Deployment - Running CxIAST Server in a Docker container.

Go to for latest version. Send IAST-Support your Docker user if you wish to download the version.

CxIAST Server in AWS (for PoC) - Send Request to ITWebOPs if you wish to run remote PoC (similar to CxSAST process).

UI Terminology

All UI terminology for ‘Application’ in CxIAST have been changed to ‘Project’. This helps to ensure ongoing efforts for consistency with other Checkmarx products.

Action Ability and Usability

All Projects Filter – Filter the ‘All Project’ list by either Project Name or Team. Useful in case of multiple monitored projects for easier management.

Project Renaming – As CxIAST automatically registers an application, the naming provided by the system may be confusing or meaningless to CxIAST users. This new ability allows the user to provide a more meaningful name to be used anywhere within the CxIAST system (UI, API, plugins).


  • CxIAST/CxSAST result correlation for Node.js applications

  • Query customization – full support

  • Ease of deployment – no need to download Node.js. From version 3.1 Node.js is installed using npm install (See user guide for complete instructions)

  • Major performance improvements

  • Hornet framework support


  • CxIAST/CxSAST result correlation for C# applications

  • Export logs

  • Accuracy improvements


Major Performance Improvements - adding a caching mechanism to reduce the overhead created by method instrumentation.

The caching mechanism reduces the startup and the running time delay significantly.

Most of the information is cached during the first running of the application. As so, the improvement is most noticeable from the second run forward.

CxIAST Setup and User Guide

Online version of the setup and user documentation can be found here → CxIAST Software Documentation

Known Limitations



CxIAST Upgrade

  • When upgrading from versions 3.0.x and older, your license must be manually replaced.

.NET Agent

  • C# and ASP.NET only

  • Missing capabilities (compared to Java)

    • Query customization is performed manually (not from the UI)

    • Code Coverage

    • Agent auto upgrade is performed only on agent registration

Node.js Agent

  • Node.js v10 and higher is not supported

  • Missing capabilities (compared to Java)

    • Code Coverage

    • Application tags

Java Agent

  • On upgrade, Application restart is required

  • Java 11 and higher is not supported

  • Standalone applications are partly supported

The release update is also available for download here.

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