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Logging in to Checkmarx One

To be able to perform initial login for Checkmarx One, first a Tenant is needed to be created by Checkmarx.

A Tenant is a dedicated account per customer.

Once the Tenant is successfully created, a Welcome email will be sent to the administrator.

The Welcome email contains the following information:

  • Username (For the administrator initial log in).

  • Account name (Tenant name)

  • Link to Checkmarx One.

New User Workflow

  • After the creation of a new tenant, the Admin user will get an Email for the initial login and setup a new password (the link redirects to the Identity and Access Management).

  • The Admin logs in to Checkmarx One using the procedure described in Initial Log in.

  • After completing the initial setup process the Admin user will be able to create new users as described in User Management and Access Control (see video below).

  • The Admin will give the new user his credentials (via mail or anything else).

  • The user will log in to Checkmarx One (EU: or US: ) with those credentials.

  • When logging in for the first time, the user will be required to change the initial given password.

  • The new user can freely access Checkmarx One.