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Adding SSL or Additional Functionalities to the IAST Management Server under Windows

To add additional functionalities such as SSL that have not been added with your original installation. you have to re-install the application over the existing IAST installation and select the relevant options.

Before installing the IAST Management server, check that you can connect to the SQL server using the ‘sa’ user. You may validate the connectivity to the SQL server by using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Confirm that the SQL Server Services are running and restart the services, if you made any changes.


  • These instructions are targeted towards re-installing the current version of IAST with added functionalities. For information about upgrading your version, refer to Upgrading the IAST Management Server.

  • It is recommended to verify that you can connect to the database over TCP. You can use the following to confirm that you are getting a list of some table names:

    sqlcmd -S tcp:localhost\sqlexpress -U user -P pwd -Q "select name from sys.tables"

If you intend to connect to your database server using the IAST Windows Authentication Configuration (either Domain User or Network Service), make sure that the domain user with which you are starting the IAST Management Server installation has access permissions to the database server.