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Azure DevOps TFS using PAT

Connecting to Source Control

To connect to a source control system using ADO TFS, do the following:

  1. When creating a project, select Source Control as the location for the source code to be scanned.

  2. Click <Select>. The Source Control window is displayed with a drop-down menu.

  3. Select TFS from the drop-down. The TFS connection details panel is displayed.

  4. The TFS Connection Details panel includes the following parameters:

    • Repository URL - the repository URL address (Supports HTTP and HTTPS, i.e. <protocol>://<site name>:<port>/tfs/<Collection> (must point to the repository named <Collection>)).

    • Port Number - the port number

    • Authentication - select an authentication method:

      • None

      • Credentials

        • User Name - the user name (required with enforced authentication)

        • Password - the password (required with enforced authentication)

      • ADO TFS using Personal Token -

        • Token - required to access the repository using PAT



Note - Azure DevOps TFS repository is only accessible using PAT.