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Preparing the Environment for CxOSA

Definitions for preparing the environment are currently dependent on the requirements defined for the CxSAST installation. For more information about this subject, see Preparing the Environment for CxSAST.

The following prerequisites are also required before setting up CxOSA:

  • Compatible Checkmarx CxSAST version installed (e.g., v8.9.0 and up) with CxOSA enabled.

  • Permissions according to CxSAST, see Preparing the Environment for CxSAST

  • For pre-v8.7 CxSAST installations you will need to migrate to the new Checkmarx OSA engine, see Migration to CxOSA Engine.

  • Full or trial CxOSA License enabled (Additional agreement allowing Checkmarx to send hash data over the internet for the sole purpose of open-source-analysis)

  • Your organization has an outbound connection to internet port 443 that is open to, see Preparing the Environment for CxSAST

    Go to the following URL from the CxServer to validate connection health:

    Successful connection shows ‘Connection successful’ status.

    For ‘Connection failed’ status contact Checkmarx Customer support.


Once installed, the ‘Test Connection’ utility (Management>Application Settings>OSA Settings>Test Connection) can also be used to validate the connection health, see OSA Settings.

  • EULA approval (for v8.7.0 and up)

  • Performing scans from the CxServer, and based on your environment, additional languages and package managers should also be installed, see Supported Languages and Package Managers.

  • All connectivity to related repositories need to be opened depending on scanned content.

  • All Checkmarx service should be restarted after installation.