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Navigating the Learn Page

The Learn page displays a comprehensive overview of your learning progress and a catalog of courses in Codebashing. It is organized into three sections: Primary Courses, Assigned Lessons, and Other Courses.


The Primary Course box details the number of DevCoins DevCoinsICON.png you have earned so far (1,000), and the percentage of the course you have completed (4.76%). These metrics are intended for your use to gauge your progress and motivate you to reach your course goals.


The Assigned Lessons show you the assigned lessons you have from your manager, the estimated time it takes to complete the lesson, and the courses they are from. When completed, they are marked with a "Completed" banner providing you with a sense of accomplishment and an easy way to keep track of your Codebashing.

  • This is an example of a lesson:


The Other Courses section catalogs and sorts all of the courses available to you. You can toggle the respective tabs to see all the courses, courses you have not yet started, and courses you have completed. Each course details the number of lessons it contains, the estimated time required to complete the course, and the related language. This information allows you to evaluate the courses based on your preferences, learning goals, and available time.