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Managing Large Files

If the file that you want to scan is larger than the value set by the MaxFileSize key in the web.config file, you will not able to upload it. By default, the MaxFileSize key is set to 200MB. The supported maximum file size of zipped files is 1GB and the maximum size of uncompressed files is 2GB. Larger files cannot be uploaded, even if the MaxFileSize key is set accordingly.

To modify the MaxFileSize key in web.config, perform the following:

  1. Open the web.config file in the installation folder of the Web Portal installation, which is located at <Installation folder> \Checkmarx\CheckmarxWebPortal\Web, typically C:\Program Files\Checkmarx\CheckmarxWebPortal\Web .

  2. Navigate to the MaxFileSize key.

  3. Set the MaxFile Size key to the desired maximum file size in MB (max. 2000 for uncompressed files) and then click Save to save the web.config file.

To create a smaller zip file that only includes files with specified extensions, use the CxZip utility.

If a zip file is uploaded that contains a file path longer than 255 characters, the file is not sent for scanning. Shorten the file path and try again.

If the zip file contains another zip file inside, the internal zip file is won't be scanned. Extract the content to the main zip file before scanning.