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Creating a New Feedback Profile

Feedback Profiles are the Checkmarx One entities that connect the Feedback Apps to Checkmarx One Projects.

Feedback Profiles creation include several steps, according to the below.

Opening the Wizard

  1. Click on Profiles

  2. If there are no Feedback Profiles configured in the system click on Create new Profile.


    If Feedback Profiles are already configured in the system, click on New Profile.


General Settings

General Settings screen includes the following fields:


Mandatory fields are marked with red_asterix.png



Optional Values


Feedback Profile

Feedback Profile name

Free text

Description (Optional)

Feedback Profile description

Free text

Tags (Optional)

Assign tags to a Feedback Profile

Free text

  • Tags are very useful for filtering purposes.

  • Tagging have no dependencies in any other component


Click Next to go to Feedback Apps screen.

Feedback Apps

In the Feedback Apps screen the user selects which Feedback Apps will be assigned to the Feedback Profile.

For example:


It is possible to search for the relevant Feedback Apps by using the search option


Click Next to go to Assign Projects screen.

Click Back to return to General Settings screen.

Assign Projects


Only Imported SCM projects can be assigned to the Feedback Profile.

For more information about imported SCM projects see Creating an Import Project

In the Assign Projects screen select which imported SCM Project will be assigned to the Feedback Profile.

For example:


Click Create a Profile.

Click Back to return to Feedback Apps screen.