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Checkmarx SAST Reporting Service

The Checkmarx SAST Reporting Service is designed to provide state-of-the-art reports. Besides the scan template, with the new service you will get templates for projects, teams, application and executive summaries. These reports are generated based in predefined templates and in different output formats.

The new service brings "refreshed" templates with a new and more user-friendly interface together with an extended set of data points. A better experience when analyzing data and scan results is guaranteed!

The Reporting Service is delivered as a separate service, meaning that you, as a customer, don´t have to wait for a new version of Checkmarx SAST to get the new reports. The service can simply be deployed on top of Checkmarx SAST, in any machine that has access to the Checkmarx SAST database host and manager host for Access Control connectivity.

By delivering the service independently our goal is to give you new features and improvements on a regular and frequent basis.