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3.1.x Hotfix (1-4)



Fix to allow vulnerability state changes after database retention.

Fix for empty exported CSV.

Speed improvements for downloading aggregated scans as CSV.



Correlation fix for NodeJS - XSS.

Fix for wrong correlation error in manager log upon scan finish.

Fix for correlation error of command injection.

Fix for agents to enable capture inputs from WCF service.



Fix for Java agents to allow communication between the IAST agents and the server via Proxy.

Addition of the ManagerUrl in the .NET agent configuration



Fix for the DB retention mechanism to prevent empty CSV files on the last collapsed scan (following the DB retention).

Fix for the DB corruption caused by the DB retention procedure.

A flag was added to disable Websocket.

Fix for an out of memory issue when running application with agent.

Fix for connectivity issues between SAST and IAST.

Support for JBoss 4 was added.

Fix to deadlock in Java agent.