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Macro Graph

The Macro Graph provides a high-level picture of the service environment, showing all services discovered by IAST or managed by Kubernetes.

The services are represented by blocks connected by dynamic flow lines indicate the flow between the services. The service blocks are labeled with the scan project name and the language of the service. Hovering over the service block displays its full name.

In addition, the block is labeled with one or more icons indicating the following:

  • whether the service was discovered by the IAST agent or managed by Kubernetes or both.

  • whether the service is connected to at least one database. For information about database connections, refer to Connected Databases.


Icons in the service blocks provide additional information according to the legend located with the filtering options in the collapsible menu on the upper-left of the page.


Services with Connections

Services monitored by IAST Agents are discovered by IAST. If these services are connected to other services that are monitored by IAST Agents, IAST monitors the communications between these services. These services are considered "services with connections" and displayed as service blocks, together with their data flows, in the center area of the Macro Graph.

To view flows for a specific service, click on a service block with connections to open the Specific Service page. For additional information, refer to Specific Service.

The area displaying the service blocks with connections is draggable, so even if hundreds of services are displayed, you can easily locate a specific service and click on it to obtain more detailed information from the Specific Service page.

Services without Connections

Services monitored by IAST Agents that are not connected to other services monitored by IAST Agents are also discovered by IAST, but are considered as services without connections. These are displayed in the Services without Connections pane on the right. These services may be connected to other services, which are not being monitored by IAST Agents.

Services not monitored by IAST Agents...

  • that are managed by Kubernetes are displayed only in the Services without Connections pane on the right.

  • that are not managed by Kubernetes are not displayed on Macro Graph page at all.

Clicking on a service block without connections...

  • that is monitored by a IAST Agent, opens the last scan of that service.

  • that is not monitored by a IAST Agent, but which is managed by Kubernetes, opens the Service Discovery page.


The Macro Graph page displays services with connections in the center space.


Services without connections are displayed on the right side.



The Macro Graph only displays the flows of services that are monitored by IAST agents.

Connected Databases

The Service Flows Macro Graph shows database metadata for services connected to databases. A database icon is displayed in the service block in the Macro Graph indicating that the service is connected to at least one database. Hovering over a service block displays the discovered metadata, such as the database vendor and database name.

Currently supported databases:

  • .NET services:

    • Microsoft SQL Server

    • Microsoft SQL Server Compact

    • Oracle

    • MySQL

    • SQLite.

  • Java services:

    • Any database that can be accessed with a JDBC based driver.