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Auditing Scanned Projects

To audit a project that you have already scanned:

From the CxAudit Workspace, find the desired project from the list.


Select the date of the scan that you want to run with CxAudit, right-click and select Audit.


Select a Preset for the scan.

Select a specific Query or a Group of Queries that you want to run.


To select only those queries that have been modified, click the Select Modified button. This action selects all those queries that were modified, since the last audit, and deselects all the rest.

Click Scan to start the process.

View the results in the Results tab (bottom). For each query you can see the relevant results.



Once audited, queries can be exported - Exporting Queries.

You can also save the results and then you can access them from the CxSAST web client (optional). There you can view the results, manage the results and generate reports.