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Engine Settings

These settings apply, if you register an additional engine.

  1. Go to Settings > Application Settings > Engine Management. The Engine Management window is displayed.

  2. Click <REGISTER ENGINE SERVER>. The Register Engine Server window is displayed.

  3. Assign a Server Name to the engine and provide the Server URL, so that CxManager is able to communicate with CxEngine.

    The URL should be as follows:


    where <Server_Name> is the CxEngine host's IP address or resolvable name, the default port is 8088.

    Optionally you can define Scan LOC Limits (maximum lines of code allowed).

  4. If you have multiple CxEngine Servers, repeat this procedure for each Engine Server.

    It is recommended to validate the defined URL by opening it in a browser on the CxManager Server.

  5. Click <UPDATE>.